Keith Overby is Buddy-to-Buddy’s November 2016 Volunteer of the Month! Keith has dedicated his life to public service, first as a Marine and then as a deputy sheriff, and now as a Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteer Veteran. He has been a volunteer with the program for a little over a year, and in that time he’s demonstrated the utmost dedication to going above and beyond to assist service members and fellow veterans.

Keith served in the Marines from 1972-74 as a machine gunner and gunsmith. After separating from the service, he began his college studies and then embarked on a 39-year career as an Oakland County deputy sheriff. He earned Associate’s degrees in Business and Criminal Investigation from Oakland Community College and completed many specialized law enforcement and criminal investigation training and certificate programs during his career. His outstanding work was continually recognized and lauded by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and he received numerous commendations and awards throughout the years.

Keith found out about Buddy-to-Buddy when he and his wife happened to walk through a veterans event in Grand Rapids where Cliff Tholen, a volunteer and former program regional coordinator, talked with and encouraged him to become a volunteer. He remembered what it was like when he left the military and there were few programs or services focused on assisting veterans and he thought that Buddy-to-Buddy would be an excellent way to help fellow veterans.

He has aided service members and veterans with numerous issues, including finances, substance abuse, and mental health. Keith says that, in addition to being able to help others as a Volunteer Veteran, he enjoys the camaraderie among fellow Volunteer Veterans from every service branch that is shared on the weekly support calls. He is also a volunteer chaplain and seminar instructor for the hospice and home health care center where his wife is the director of nursing, and he volunteers through the Marine Corps League by working to maintain the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly.

Keith loves spending his free time traveling with his best friend and wife, Katy, for whom he shares a daughter, three sons, and eight grandchildren.

Thank you for everything you do to help fellow veterans and service members, Keith!